What’s The Difference Between Press Release Syndication and Distribution?

Many press release sites interchange these the terms ‘syndication’ and ‘distribution’, making it difficult to understand the services offered.  At ReleaseWire, we separate out these two terms, as these services are very different in methodology. 

Syndication is the inclusion of your press release on 3rd party sites, often TV, radio, newspaper, or other online news websites.   Syndication is untargeted, meaning that your press releases will appear on all sites within the syndication networks. 
While ReleaseWire does work with many online sites and networks to provided syndication services, there are also many websites that syndicate press releases from ReleaseWire without direct involvement of ReleaseWire.  These sites can use ReleaseWire’s JavaScript widgets, RSS newsfeeds, oEmbeds or API to retrieve press releases to place on their website.  

You can view our ever-changing list of syndication sites by visiting:



Distribution is the act of sending your press release to journalist, bloggers, podcasters and other interested readers.  This process does not normally include placing your press release on 3rd party websites and often happens with direct connects to the reader.  

ReleaseWire also works with many 3rd party news aggregator services who collect press releases and place them in internal media outlet newsroom systems, news databases and other services. 

If you have additional questions about syndication, distribution or press release distribution in general please reach out to our team.