What is ReleaseWire CRM?

ReleaseWire CRM (Contact Relations Media) is the cornerstone for
achieving maximum results with ReleaseWire's media engagement
solutions. By using ReleaseWire CRM, businesses of all sizes can
manage their list of media contacts, including journalists, editors,
bloggers and other members of the media to make effective
communication a reality.

To learn more, Click here. [http://www.releasewire.com/features/crm/]

ReleaseWire CRM is fully integrated with ReleaseWire's news
distribution service, bringing together the effectiveness of
ReleaseWire's media targeting system and the power using your own
internal media contact list. No longer will you have to worry about
sending duplicate content to your media contacts when using the
ReleaseWire Newswire

ReleaseWire CRM also supports ReleaseWire Connect
[http://www.releasewire.com/business/connect/]; our social networking