Why Is It a Bad Idea To Use A Free Email Service Provider For My Press Contact?

ReleaseWire has developed a security policy to help protect you and
your company from having false information about your company
submitted by 3rd parties. As part of this policy, ReleaseWire does not
allow the use of free email service providers for press release
contact persons.

Press Release contact persons are those who are listed in the press
release for journalists, editors and the public to contact with
questions about the press release content or your company in general.

The email address is visible only in press releases we deliver
directly to members of the media. Your email address is not listed on
our web site unless it is also included in the content of your press

There are two main reasons why you should not use free email providers
for your press release contact person's email address. They are:

1) Free Email addresses are not verifiable.
Anyone can register a free email address with any email address they
choose. For example, it would be easy for someone to register
yourcompanyname@gmail.com or yourcompanyname@hotmail.com.

Someone can also easily register an email address with your name in it 

such as yourname@gmail.com or yourname@hotmail.com.

When ReleaseWire verifies email addresses, we look to see if there is
a connection between the email address domain and the submitter of the
press release. You should always use an email address with your web
site's domain name as the first choice.

2) Free e-mail addresses hurt credibility.
Often when journalists and editors see press releases listing a free
email address for their press release contact person, they view the
subject of the press release as being less than credible. In most
cases, they will not take the time to investigate your company or
organization any further to verify your information.

We suggest you review the ReleaseWire Security Policy
for more information.