What Press Release Distribution Services Does ReleaseWire Offer?

ReleaseWire offers two types of press release distribution. The first,
which most of our customers choose is called Search Optimized
Distribution. Search Optimized Distribution provides online press
release distribution using many different methods including:

Inclusion into major search engines such as Google News
Inclusion into major search engines such as Google and Bing
Distribution via our 3rd party distribution partnerships
Inclusion in 3rd party database services such as LexusNexus.
Mobile distribution by Google Currents and Amazon Kindle
Email alerts to self-managed journalists, bloggers and visitors.

The distribution path of each press release is based on many factors
such as the press release content, quality and other factors.

Secondly, for customers who prefer the direct approach, we offer our
Direct to Media press release distribution service. This service sends
your press release directly to interested journalists via email and

Targeting of your press release is based on multiple factors, many of
which you have full control of such as location based targeting,
industry trade targeting, subject targeting and others.

ReleaseWire uses our unique technology to target journalists based on
their needs. Your press release may be sent to a smaller number of
journalists, as we try to target the press releases to the individual
journalists and what they actually want to read.

The Direct to Media service works best for companies with a physical
presence in a specific area, or for companies promoting a local event.