When Should I Distribute My Press Release?

A question we get asked often by our customers is, When should I
distribute my press release?

The truth is that there is no magic time that will get you the most
results. However, we have identified some trends that will help you to
select the best time to distribute your press release.

Press Release scheduling is included with ReleaseWire's Swift News
Distribution press release distribution package.

First, plan ahead; give yourself as much time as possible.
Make sure you have time to develop and review your press release.
Remember that ReleaseWire's editorial team will need at least one
business day to review and approve your press release.

Now, look at the days of the week and the effects of distributing your
press release on them.

Many press releases are distributed on Monday, in many cases because
the content of such press releases was created over the weekend.
However, Monday is a busy day for journalists as they spend so much
time catching up on the weekend email volume. Therefore, we recommend
avoiding Mondays.

Many people believe Tuesday is the best day to distribute press
releases. As such, many press releases are distributed on Tuesday, so
many in fact, that journalists often have a difficult time reviewing
them. Therefore, consider using Tuesday as one of your second choices,
along with Thursdays, for press release distribution.

We believe that Wednesday is the best day to distribute a press
release. For one reason, it is middle of the week which allows
journalists to complete some earlier projects but still have time
within the week to review your information. Consider Wednesday as

your first choice for press release distribution.

In many cases, you may find it necessary to miss the Wednesday
dead-line for press release distribution. In this case, Thursday is a
great second choice, much like a Tuesday.

We believe that Friday is the least effective day to distribute your
press release. The reason for this is that many people are already in
a weekend frame of mind. Try to distribute your press release before
Friday, if possible.

Saturday & Sunday:
ReleaseWire as a general rule does not distribute press releases on
these days, unless requested by the submitter. The reason for this is
most North American companies, including media outlets, are off for
the weekend.
This does not make Saturday and Sunday an all together bad
choice for press release distribution. If appropriate for your
content, a weekend release may help you to cut though the large volume
of weekday press releases.