What Is a Boilerplate Paragraph?

Along with your headline, one of the first things a journalist will look for is a boilerplate at the end of your press release. A boilerplate paragraph serves as an overview for your company and can be used over and over, from one press release to another, with only minor changes or updates so invest the time to compose a solid paragraph. The usual boilerplate heading is "About (Your Company Name)" and it should be a brief paragraph that tells about your company. For example, where you're headquartered, how long your company has been in business, what services or products your company offers or about any national awards your company has received. This information build respect and credibility to you and your brand. Include a comment which entices the reader to view your website for additional details, Lead your URL with "http://" or "https://" so that it serves as a live link.

You should include information such as:

 * Company name

 * Company headquarters location

 * Primary product or service

 * Your target market

 * When the company was formed

 * General background information

Here is a sample "Boilerplate" paragraph:

About DRJ Ventures LLC

DRJ Ventures LLC, (http://www.drjventures.com), based in Green Bay, WI, is a leading provider of Internet based content development and distribution services for small to mid-sized businesses worldwide. Our online services focus on business to consumer and business to business communications.