Getting Started With ReleaseWire CRM

ReleaseWire CRM (Contact Relationship Management) is a cornerstone application used to achieve maximum results with ReleaseWire’s media engagement solutions. By using ReleaseWire CRM, businesses of all sizes can manage their lists of media contacts which includes journalist, editors, bloggers and other members of the media to make effective communication a reality.



Creating a Media Contact

You can also import media contacts by uploading a CSV File. Uploading a CSV File it saves you time and is easy. Click How do I import a CSV File into CRM?


1. Hover over "Apps"

2. Click "CRM"

App: CRM



3. Click  the "Add Contact" button or hover over"Contacts" and click "Add Contact"

Add CRM Contact

4. There are seven (7) sections which you will need to enter information

a. Contact Settings

b. Telephone Settings

c. Email Settings

d. Work Schedule

e. Contact Preferences

f. Social Media/ Instant Messaging

g. Address Settings


5. Click "Save"


Creating a Media Lists

When creating a media list, you can distribute your press release effortlessly to all the media contacts that you have incorporated into that specific list. Creating a media list will help you eliminate sending duplicate press releases to the same media contact.

**If a media contact is included in multiple media lists, your press release will not be sent to that media contact.


1. Hover over "Apps"

2. Click "CRM"

App: CRM

3. Hover over "Contacts"

4. Click "Manage Lists"

Manage Lists CRM

5. Click "Add Media List"

Media List 

6. Enter in a "Name" for your list and "Description"

7. Click "Save"

Create Media List

8. Once you have created your list, you will need to click on "Contact" on the navigation bar. From there, you can add contacts to a specific list checking in the boxes next to the contact name(s) then clicking "Add to Lists".


Add CRM contacts 2

***You can also add a "New lists" from this screen

Add CRM Contacts 3


Create a Media Outlet


1. Hover over "Apps"

2. Click "CRM"

App: CRM


3. Hover over "Media Outlets"

4. Click "Add Media Outlets"

Add Outlets


4. Enter the information regarding the Media Outlet, there are five (5) sections.

     a. Media Outlet Settings

     b. Press Release Submission

     c. Editorial/ General Telephone

     d. Web Links

     e. Postal Address/ Mailing Address


5. Click "Save"