How Do I Effectively Use Local Media Targeting?

ReleaseWire press release distribution service offers multiple targeting options for sending press releases. In each of our press release distribution packages, both 'Local Media' targeting and 'Industry Trade' targeting options are offered. It is important to understand the difference and how to best use these newslines.


Industry trade newslines are specific to an industry such as 'Technology' or a sub-industry such as 'Technology-Computer Software'. These newslines are not geographically limited. When you select an Industry Trade newsline, your press release is sent to all media contacts subscribed to the newsline unless other aspects of your press release do not match the journalists' special requirements.

It is important to note that when selecting a sub-industry your press release is automatically placed in both the sub-industry and the main industry. You do not need to select both newslines.


Local Media Newslines are designed to include local media outlets such as local television stations, local newspapers and local radio stations. Local Media newslines are limited by geographical areas such as a city, metropolitan area, state or region. 

Local media newsline subscribers are mainly interested only in news related to companies physically located in their coverage area or events that will take place in their coverage area. 

Local Media newsline subscribers are generally not interested in press releases about a specific industry where the companies listed in the press release are not in their coverage area. 

Additionally, local media newsline subscribers are not generally interested in press releases regarding an online product or service unless the company providing the service located in their coverage area or the online service has a specific feature or provides content about their coverage area or is specifically designed for use by visitors in the local media coverage area.


ReleaseWire always recommends you add a local media targeting option for the area which your company is located. For example, if your offices are located in Chicago, IL, you should add a local media target for Chicago, IL (city)' and Chicago Metropolitan Area.

If your press release discusses a company that has multiple locations, you should add local media targets for the areas you service.

If your company provides services that are of special interest to customers in a specific location, you can add a local media target for those areas, however we do recommend you use this option with caution.


It is important to understand that over targeting local media outlets tends to hurt the effectiveness of your press release. Local media newsline subscribers tend to become frustrated with press releases being sent to them that are not well targeted and in many cases will not review future press releases submitted by your company.

Use the correct industry targeting options to make the most of your press release. Always select the best sub-industry for your press release when possible. When selecting a sub-industry your press release will also be included in the main industry. You do not need to select both.

ReleaseWire's matching technology will also match your press release with subscribed journalist based on other factors such as the content of your press release.