What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About The Syndication Report?

Q: What is syndication?

A: Syndication is the process of placing unaltered press releases on to 3rd party sites.


Q: What is a syndication report?

A: A syndicated report shows on which 3rd party websites your press release was placed, including direct links to the press release.


*****Syndication reports are very fluid and are most accurate within the first seven (7) days of the press release being syndicated. 




Q: Where will my press release appear on syndicated sites?

A: The placement of your press release will vary from site to site. However, many of our syndication partners will place a press release in the financial section of their website.


Q: Who is Financial Content?

A: ReleaseWire partners with many syndication networks, including Financial Content.  Financial Content provides many news organizations, such as newspapers, TV stations, radio stations as well as financial news services, with news related web services.  These services include news widgets, news pages, and news sub-sites. 


Q: Why are some of the sites listed in the syndication report not display my press release?

A: Our syndication network has media sites that change on a almost daily basis. As new sites are being added, outdated sites are removed. Our 3rd party syndication networks do not notify us of any changes, however, ReleaseWire makes every effort to keep the report up-to-date.


Q: Why do some syndicated sites not permit me to view my press release?

A: Some syndication sites are closed sites which require a membership or subscription to be able to view content such as press releases.


Q: Why do some media outlets place my press release on a sub-site?

A: Many media outlets partner with 3rd party content producers and aggregates who are tasked with the responsibility of managing a sub-section of the media organization's website.


These sub-sites are part of the media organization's overall web presence.




Q: Why doesn't my syndication report include all sites that my press release was syndicated to?

A: Many sites syndicate content without ReleaseWire's direct involvement.

Only sites with which we have a direct reporting relationship are included in our syndication report.




Q: Will I be able to search for my press release on a syndicated website?

A: Typically, media outlets do not include syndicated press releases within their search results.


***ReleaseWire does not manage the search functionality on 3rd party sites.


Q: Why do I not see multiple search results of my press release on Search Engines such as Google or Bing?

A: When dealing with syndicated content, search engines prefer to only list the original press release. To make it easier for end users to find information, search engines avoid duplicate content. Below you will find, links to Google and Bing's duplicate content policy.








Search Engine Optimization


Q: Will I see new backlinks to my website?

A: Issuing a press release can help you attract more viewers to your website, however, press releases should not be used primarily to achieve greater search engine optimization results for your website.
ReleaseWire sets all links to "nofollow", including links on our client's web sites.