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Why Is There Not A Link Showing The Distributed Press Release For The AP Exchange In The Report?

The AP Exchange is a closed system, for which, membership is required. Press releases that are distributed to the AP Exchange can be used, viewed, and filtered by AP journalists and journalists from the 6 largest newspapers in the United States which includes: - Wall Street Journal - Washington Post - New York Times - Los Angeles Times - Chicago Sun-Times - USA Today

What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About The Syndication Report?

Q: What is syndication? A: Syndication is the process of placing unaltered press releases on to 3rd party sites. Q: What is a syndication report? A: A syndicated report shows on which 3rd party websites your press release was placed, including direct links to the press release. *****Syndication reports are very fluid and are most accurate within the first seven (7) days of the press release being syndicated. Placement Q: Where will my press release appear on syndicated sites? ...

Does ReleaseWire Have a Clipping Report?

At this current time, ReleaseWire does not offer clipping reports for our clients. However, we do have our syndication overview which will provide you with a list of media outlets that your press releases has been syndicated to. Additionally, we ReleaseWire subscribers gain access to ReleaseWire Analytics which provides a great deal of information on your press releases reach. To learn more about ReleaseWire Analytics please visit:

How Can I View My Press Release Syndication Overview?

Syndication overview enables you to view which media outlets your press release has reached. Please note that these results are only based off of releasewire and not off our 3rd party sites. To view your syndication overview: 1. HOVER OVER ""APPS"" 2. CLICK ""NEWSWIRE"" 3. LOCATE THE PRESS RELEASE AND CLICK ""MANAGE"" 4. CLICK ""SYNDICATION OVERVIEW""