Account Settings

How Do I Change The Email Notifications For My Account?

To change the email notifications: 1. From your account dashboard, hover over "Settings" 2. Choose which notification you would want 3. Click "Save"

How Do I Remove an Email Address?

To remove an email address: 1. From your account dashboard, hover over "My Profile" 2. Click "Email Addresses" 3. Click "Remove" next to the email address you want to remove

How Do I Add a New Email Address As The Primary Email Address?

To change the primary email to a different one, follow these steps: 1. From your account dashboard, Hover over "My Profile" 2. Click on "Email Addresses" 3. Click "Add Email Address" 4. Enter in new email address 5. Click "Save" 6. Click "Verify" 7. Go check you email to verify the new email address 8. After verifying your email from you will be redirected to your ReleaseWire account 9. Click "Make Primary"

How Do I Change My Password?

To change your password follow these steps: * Hover over "Settings": * Click "Change Password" * Enter your current password. * Enter New password * Enter New password again * Click "Save"

How Do I Deactivate My ReleaseWire Account?

When requesting to deactivate your account, any unpublished or unused press releases will not be refunded. PLEASE NOTE THAT DEACTIVATING YOUR ACCOUNT IS NOT THE SAME AS CANCELLING YOUR SUBSCRIPTION. For information on how to cancel your subscription please click here ( TO DEACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT: 1. From your Account Dashboard OR by clicking the "Home" icon 2. HOVER OVER "SETTIN...

I Forgot My Login Name?

It is important to remember that ReleaseWire login names are case sensitive. Entering "Login Name" instead of "login name" will result in an incorrect login attempt. If you are unsure of your login name you can request an email reminder by visiting:

Where can I find my PIN?

To find your Personal Identification Number (PIN), you must be logged into your account. The PIN is located at the top right corner of your account dashboard.

Will I Lose Everything in My Account If It Is Disabled?

The content associated with your ReleaseWire account will remain stored, however,this information will not be active or live on our newswire. Also note, if you need to use any Press Releases or MultiMedia content correlated with the account that is being deactivated, you will need to re-upload the content before you can use it in the new account. If you decide that you would like to reactivate the account that was previously disabled, you may do so at any time.