ReleaseWire - Legal Matters Press Release Policy

ReleaseWire distributes press releases regarding legal matters as long as the content of such press release is accurate and follows our "Legal Matters Press Release Policy" listed below along with all other relevant editorial policies and guidelines.  

Legal Matters Press Releases must:

  • Be written in a standard press release format
  • Be accurate and detailed
  • Not contain potentially libelous material – libelous material can be, but is not limited to, falsely claiming or implying that a person or organization has committed a crime or illegal activity.  This can include false clams that an individual has engaged in immoral activity, has a disease or mental illness. 
  • Not contain content that is designed to exact revenge on an individual person or organization 

Additionally, all opinions expressed in the press release must be in the form of a quote attributed to an actual person or it must be clearly stated that the opinion is that of the issuing organization and not stated as a fact.

To help verify the accuracy of a legal matters press release, at least one of the following should be included:

  • If an official case has been filed related to the legal matter discussed in the press release the case number or complaint number along with the full name of the court of record must be included. 
  • Any material included in the press release which can be attributed to a source such as a court document should be clearly attributed. 
  • Contain a citation from a trusted unaffiliated news sources regarding the matter.  The press release should include the news source's name, publication date or air date, and a link to the news sources published related content.  
  • Contain a citation from a trusted fact checking service regarding the matter.  The press release should include the fact checking service's name, publication date, and a link to the fact checking service's findings.  

Legal matters press releases may not be approved if:

  • Invades the privacy of an individual
  • Is threatening or intimidating
  • They are an interpretation of a legal matter
  • Are potentially libelous (see above)
  • Are an announcement of an individual or organizations intention to file a court action against an individual or organization.
  • Includes inflammatory language
  • Includes opinion which is not properly attributed (see above)
  • Contains hyperbolic language

Please be aware that all press releases and related content is reviewed by ReleaseWire’s Editorial Team before distribution.  ReleaseWire’s Editorial Team will decide at their sole discretion if the content meets our Editorial Guidelines and related policies.   This policy is an extension of ReleaseWire’s Terms of Services agreements which require that the submitter of press releases and related content agree to be solely responsible for the content and accuracy of all content submitted to ReleaseWire.