What Factors Improve My Press Release's Quality Score?

RELEASEWIRE QUALITY SCORE algorithms rank press releases by quality.

Press releases that achieve a higher quality score are placed in more
visible locations on ReleaseWire, distributed by more methods and
received by a larger audience.

ReleaseWire Quality Scores factor in over 100 aspects of your
press releases quality. To achieve the highest placement on
ReleaseWire, and to ensure your press release is sent to subscribing
journalists, bloggers and interested viewers, we recommend you focus on
the following areas: Make sure your press release is newsworthy:
All too often, small businesses distribute press releases mainly with
the goal of getting their name out to the public quickly. In many
cases, they create press releases with little newsworthy content or
content which is basically an advertisement.
Journalists tend to not cover companies who choose to use such
tactics. Most journalists receive thousands of press
releases a week. Providing them with newsworthy content is essential
to your success.

Provide detailed and complete information:
It is important that the journalist be able to get the important details
from your press release quickly. A journalist will expect that within
the first paragraph, called the "lead paragraph", of your press
release they will be able to answer the following questions; who,
what, when and if appropriate, how. Make sure the content is easy to
read and understandable by all audiences. Create a catchy headline - it should grab 

the attention of the reader while staying away from hype and direct calls to action (sales).

Make sure your press release follows standard press release formatting: Include a quality 

lead paragraph, several detailed following paragraphs and an easy to read boilerplate or 

about us paragraph.

Write for a journalist. 

Press releases are a useful tool for search engine optimization and
attracting the general public, but your focus should always be for the
journalists, bloggers and other members of the media. Do not include
direct sales pitches or write the press release in the first person
perspective. Take advantage of ReleaseWire's multimedia distribution service:
Add videos, audio, photos, web links and documents to your press
release. Use ReleaseWire's search engine optimization tools:
Add features such as keywords, custom description tags, custom HTML
headlines, custom URLs. Use ReleaseWire's Geo-tagging service:
Help search engines better classify your press release based on your
location. Include detailed contact information; specifically your media relations
contact person or department. We have found that press releases that list an
actual individual achieve higher contact rates -
include their name, job title, company name, email address and if
possible telephone number.