How Do I Add HTML Hyperlinks With Custom Anchor Text To My Press Release?

ReleaseWire supports HTML hyperlinks with custom anchor text. There are two methods for adding custom hyperlinks in the content or body of your press release. 


When editing the content of your press release you can use the "Insert Link" tool to add a HTML hyperlink. Using this tool you can either create a new hyperlink or you can select text within the press release content to convert to a hyperlink.

To create a new link, move the text cursor to the point where you wish to add the hyperlink and then click on the "Insert Link" button. You will be asked to enter the web address to link to. This link must start with "http://". Next you will be asked to enter the anchor text to be used. Once completed, click on ""Insert""

To convert text to a hyperlink, select the text with your mouse and click on the "Insert Link" button. You will notice that the anchor text will be pre-filled with the text you selected. Enter the web address to link to and click on "Insert"


You can hand code your HTML hyperlinks provided you follow the standardized format:

<a href="">Your anchor text</a>

All attributes other than "href" are not allowed and will be removed.

Please note: HTML hyperlinks may be placed in the press release content. They may not be placed in the headline or the sub-headline.

This feature is available for paid press release distribution orders only. All HTML hyperlinks will be removed from free press release listings.