How Do I Submit My First Press Release?

To submit your first press release


1. Click "Add Press Release" from the account dashboard OR hover over "Apps" and click "NewsWire"

Add Press Release


2. Select the company profile that is associated with this press release

3. Compose a captivating headline

4. Click "Save"

New Press Release Submission

5. Use the Press Release Manager to help guide you with completing a press release. The Press Release Manager should be used as a check off list.
Check the information and complete each item based on their status (completed, not completed, disabled, etc.) and type (required or optional).  Click each section for additional information.

     A. Press Release Analysis: In this section, you will be able to thoroughly review each component of the press release and enter the correspondent information into it's designated area. Be sure to include a Boilerplate to the end  of your press release content.

     B. Online Distribution Settings: In this section, you can set the targeting of the press release and aim your chosen audience and the target the specific topics covered in the press release.

          1. Direct Distribution Settings: In this section, you have a great advantage by targeting a wider variety of topics, industries, and locations.

     C. ReleaseWire CRM Analysis: In this section, you can select which media list to send your press release to. The benefits of this feature allows you to specifically send the press release to media contacts that you have organized and know that they will see value in your press release. Also, when using this feature, you will eliminate sending a duplicate press release to the same contact.

     D. Attachment Analysis: In this section, you can upload multimedia content which will help to increase your press release's visibility.


Press Release Manager