What Is The Difference Between Manual Billing And Automatic Billing?

When you sign up for a subscription, you will be asked which type of
billing option you would like to be used for your subscription.

Our Manual Billing Option: This option allows you to process the payment
for your subscription by manually entering a new card, using a stored
payment method, using a pay pal account, or credits you have purchased
through the site. You must login to pay for your subscription when using this billing type.
The transaction needs to be submitted by you. If the payment is not manually entered,

and paid in full, your subscription will be converted over to our On Demand plan.

The Automatic Billing Option is a recurring payment that is charged without any involvement

from you once it is established. Your subscription will remain the same unless you upgrade,

cancel or downgrade it. You do not need to login and pay for your subscription once

you are on Automatic Billing, the transaction will take place automatically.

Subscription Status - Your subscription will be on hold and press releases will only be
live for 7 business days until your subscription premium is paid. Your subscription stays

active as long as the payment transaction(s) are successful.