How Do I Upgrade to ReleaseWire Enhanced Company Profiles?

All ReleaseWire company profiles have been upgraded to the new
enhanced COMPANY PROFILES as of September 27, 2012.

To control access to your Company Profile, as well as to set auto
linking rules, select "Privacy Settings" from the Profile Settings

As a company administrator here are some other steps we recommend you
take to enjoy the advantages of the many features now offered.

To locate your company profile within the ReleaseWire account manager
under the Apps heading click the "Connect" tab.

On the right hand side of your screen under the Connect Settings
heading click on "My Company Profiles".

Next, locate the company you wish to manage and click the "Manage"

We recommend that you have a full description listed for your company,
as this is used for the Overview page of your Company Profile. To
update your full description, click on "Overview" from the "Profile
Content" menu. Be sure to "Save" your updated information.

Next, we recommend you verify the information for your company details
page. To do so, select "Details" from the Profile Content menu. Again,
"Save" your changes.

ReleaseWire strongly recommends you add your company's logo to your
company profile. This not only enhances your company profile, it also
adds value to your press releases. To upload your company's logo,
select "Update Logo" from the Profile Content menu, "Save" your

To add additional business locations and to enhance your primary
business location's page select "Locations" from the Profile Content
menu and then click "Save".

Finally, to add biographies of your team members, click "People" from
the Profile Content menu. Please note that company administrators who
wish to have their company profile link to their member profile must
have a biography created.