What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Subscriptions?

What is ReleaseWire Subscription?

ReleaseWire Subscription is our monthly press release subscription. With ReleaseWire's flexible subscription options, you can tailor our subscriptions to the needs of your company. You are not locked down to sign a yearly contract.


How Many Press Releases Can I Submit a Month?

You can submit as many press releases as you would like, however, the number of press releases that will be processed will differ depending on the volume of your subscription.


Can I Upgrade One Press Release to a Direct Distribution Option?

Yes, you can upgrade one press release from your monthly allotment. 


What is the Daily Allotment of My Subscription?

With your monthly subscription, you have a daily allotment of press releases that will be processed. For example, if you are on the 30 Basic syndication subscription, your daily allotment is 10 press releases for the day. The daily allotment is determined by the volume of your monthly alltoment.


What if I Don't Use All of My Monthly Allotment?

Press releases that are not used can not be refunded, rolled over, or credited to your account. You must use all of your monthly allotment in the billing period of your subscription.

Why Does the Number On My Account Dashboard of "Allotment Remaining Until (Renewal Date)" Say That I Have "X" Amount of Press Releases Left And My Press Releases Are Not Going Through?

There are a variety of factors that can delay the processing of your press releases. One of the main reasons why your press releases are not being processed may be that you have met your allotment. The number shown on your account dashboard only show the number of press releases that you have submitted from the current billing period, it does not factor in the press releases that you have submitted, over your allotment limit, from the previous month.

Here is a scenario:

If you have a monthly allotment of 20 press releases in September but you submitted a total of 25. The remaining 5 press releases will be placed "on hold" until your subscription renews in October.

We are now in the current month of October and your subscription allotment begins again at 20. You submit 20 press releases right away but of the "new" 20 press releases, only 15 are processed. This is due to the fact that there was still the remainder of 5 press releases from the previous month that weren't processed until your October subscription began.