How does ReleaseWire Direct work?

ReleaseWire Direct is our highly targeted press release distribution service that sends your press release directly to media outlets via email, fax, and other methods.  Unlike other newswire services, we do not simply use a ‘distribution list’ and send press releases to every media outlet on a list. 

ReleaseWire has used analytics and feedback from members of the media to determine that sending press releases to media outlets in a non-targeted, or semi-targeted manor tends to not produce the communicators are looking for, in fact, it often proves to be a negative.  Additionally, when sending untargeted press releases, media outlets, journalist and bloggers tend to ignore future press releases from the same business or organization.

ReleaseWire Direct uses an in-house developed, unique algorithm to match press releases with those media outlets which should be the most interested in the content of the press release. 

ReleaseWire Direct’s algorithm does an analysis of the press release, looking at many different factors, to then match it against our human-curated database of media outlets. 

When distributing a press release using ReleaseWire Direct, business and organizations can influence the matching algorithm, by setting targeting options within the press release manager.  These options include location, industry, topic targeting.  Additionally, ReleaseWire offers ‘Specialty Media’ targeting, which targets media outlets by their specialty, such as “US Top Business News”. 

ReleaseWire’s matching algorithm also considers things such as the actual content of the press release, the quality, and newsworthiness of the content, the multimedia attached to the press release and many other factors.

While ReleaseWire Direct will send your press release to a smaller number of media outlets versus other media outlets, ReleaseWire Direct will work to maximize your results by sending to those who are more likely to review and act upon your content.

ReleaseWire Direct also includes all of our online distribution services including with our other distribution packages.  For subscribers to ReleaseWire’s monthly plans, you also gain access to ReleaseWire CRM.  Using ReleaseWire CRM you can add your own curated media list to your press release distribution.